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Our goals, strategy & purpose

Främmestadverken is your partner in European industry with a focus on business relationships, proximity and quality.
We are a contract manufacturer that sells machine & painting capacity, with the goal of reaching an annual turnover of around SEK 200 million. Both owners & management in FRV strive for local manufacturing with continuous improvements at all levels.

Our business concept is to, through flexibility, high competence and with a clear customer focus, be a leading manufacturing partner of chassis, drive components and subsystems for demanding and challenging customers.

Production – Personnel – Environmental impact – Business
Främmestadsverken primarily delivers to customers within:
• Heavy automotive industry
• Other engineering industry
We offer
• Flexible and high-quality machining
• An efficient and integrated surface treatment process
• Assembly of components and subsystems
We compete through
• Efficient and flexible processes
• High technical competence and experience
• Focus on the customer
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