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We offer machining either separately or in combination with surface treatment. With our 16 horizontal machining center with 500-630-800 pallet sizes and two Mazak CNC lathes with automation, we are flexible and can offer a wide range of machining. We are experts in machining of castings - complex parts where we custom build fasteners for the high precision that you demand. 
Examples of products we process;
  • Castings
  • Chassis items, e.g. braces, brackets, cross members
  • Forged items
  • Solid pipes
  • Welded constructions
Machine park

Horizontal multiple pairs;

  1. Flerop 500x500   (2x Niigata med 10xPallets changers)

  2. Flerop 630x630   (4x OKUMA Twin-Pallet Stand-Alone )

  3. Robot Flerop 630x630     (OKUMA Twin-Pallet Stand-Alone )

  4. FMS-Line Machining Centers 630x630      (2x OKUMA MA60HB connected to a FMS Line)

  5. FMS-Line Machining Centers 800x800      (2x MAZAK 8800 Line Nexus) connected to a FMS


CNC lathes with automation

  1. CNC-svarv Ø250x300mm           2x Mazak with Gantry Robot)

  2. CNC-svarv Ø600x900mm          1x CNC lathe – Manual loaded

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