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Precise and efficient machining in automated machining cells. With our 16 horizontal machining center with 500-630-800 pallet sizes, we are flexible and can offer a wide range of processing. The multi-operation machines are efficient with automatic tool change and perform milling, drilling and threading operations. We are experts in processing complex parts where we custom build fixtures in our own workshop. We also carry out CNC turning, surface treatment, assembly and offer warehousing and logistics.
Examples of products we process;
  • Castings
  • Chassis items, e.g. braces, brackets, cross members
  • Forged items
  • Solid pipes
  • Welded constructions

Horizontal multiple pairs;

  1. Flerop 500x500   (2x Niigata with 10xPallets changers)

  2. Flerop 630x630   (4x OKUMA Twin-Pallet Stand-Alone )

  3. Robot Flerop 630x630     (OKUMA Twin-Pallet Stand-Alone )

  4. FMS-Line Machining Centers 630x630      (2x OKUMA MA60HB connected to a FMS Line)

  5. FMS-Line Machining Centers 800x800      (2x MAZAK 8800 Line Nexus) connected to a FMS


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