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ED (Electro dip coating, KLT)
ED is a treatment method that is often used as barrier protection and together with a base of zinc-manganese phosphating it gives an extremely hard-wearing and durable surface. This provides complete coverage but can also be used as a topcoat - In its basic version, it is a black semi-gloss varnish with a high & smooth surface finish where the thickness of the surface can be adjusted (15-25μm) depending on the component's area of use. If other colors are requested, a powder coating is applied to the part. 
Benefits & Features;
  • Very good covering ability in complicated components when the part is dipped, which means that the color penetrates into all hard-to-reach spaces.
  • Very high corrosion performance due to the high degree of coverage.
  • Withstands large temperature ranges +- 200 °C
Suitable application areas; 
Material; Cast iron, sheet metal, steel.
Areas of use; Heavy automotive industry, exposed parts, metal outdoor products. 
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