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From a small village forge in 1935 to 14,000 square meters with complete production equipment for processing & surface treatment. 

1935 - 1999


Knut Hermansson starts a village forge with a focus on repairs and blacksmithing for the area's farmers (in an outbuilding that still stands today.) 



the forge is sold to John Darheden, who develops the business of carrying out work for large buildings in surrounding cities. 



Filip Henningsson buys into the company and the two partners start developing their own products such as; axle for direct drive from tractors' power take-offs, fertilizer spreaders and skid protection for tractor tires - a product that was such a success that even the paint didn't have time to dry before they were shipped out of the workshop.



The company is renamed Främmestads Smides & Mekaniska Verkstad. The increasing production enables the purchase of a car workshop, where they also start to manufacture front loaders & sack lifters. 



Through the company Rydströms Mek in Gothenburg, which did some contract work for Volvo, Främmestads Smides & Mekaniska Verkstad came in and started supplying parts to them who then went on to Volvo. 


1974 A collaboration that, through increased trust, developed into Främmestad Smides & Mekaniska becoming a direct subcontractor to Volvo. The company changes its name to Främmestads Smides & Mekaniska AB



A collaboration begins with the Finnish foundry group SANTASALO-JOT OY.



Främmestad's Smithies & Mech. Verkstad becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the JOT companies in Finland. A painting facility of 2,000 square meters is built. The environmentally friendly powder coating & surface treatment facility is inaugurated. (Already in 1993, this was expanded by another 2000 square meters + 1995 by 1500 square meters.)



Främmestads Smides & Mekaniska AB changes name to Främmestads Mek AB.



Främmestads Mek AB buys competitor Br. H Lindqvist Motorfabrik AB in Åmål.



A merger takes place between JOT Companies Främmestad AB and JOT Companies Åmål.



The hardening plant for castings (ADI material) is inaugurated.



JOT Companies Främmestad AB changes name to JOT Components Främmestad AB.


JOT Components Främmestad AB sells the operations in Åmål to the newly formed subsidiary JOT Components Åmål AB & SANTASALO- part is sold out. The entire group changes its name to Componenta. The facility in Främmestad becomes Componenta Främmestad AB.


2000 - 2019


To reduce dependence on only one business area, Componenta Främmestad AB is expanding its business area. 



Inauguration of a new painting plant with 12-step pre-treatment and ED dip which is connected to the existing painting lines for an automatic flow. 



Componenta Främmestad AB takes over most of the production from Componenta Åmål AB. A new production hall is commissioned and the first robot cell is installed.


 2009 Services are expanded and a new logistics center is commissioned.

 2011 Due to the closure of the group's processing unit Componenta Pietarsaari Oy, most of the articles are moved to Componenta Främmestad AB for processing.



The ADI plant is sold and the processing side is expanded through an investment in multi-operation machines.



Once again, the service portfolio is expanded according to the customers' wishes and new storage areas consisting of two tents with a total area of 320 m2 are placed at the lacquer and FG hall to enable greater storage possibilities.



The company is put under reconstruction.



The company restructuring ends from 15/08/2017



Installation of new machines in E-hall with new concept for processing. The laundry is moved from the burning floor to E-hall.



The agreement with Volvo, Componenta Främmestad's largest customer, is terminated in June. This is due to poor profitability, stor capital tie-up and unfavorable conditions. The ambition with this was to renegotiate in order to reach a new agreement.



As the negotiations with Volvo do not produce the desired result, the collaboration with Volvo ends from June 2019.


September 2019

Componenta Främmestad goes bankrupt 


A new start 2020


Dec 2019

- December 4, 2019, the bankruptcy estate Componenta Främmestad is aqcuired by new owners and Främmestadverken AB is established.


- Production is restarted. An agreement with major customer Daimler Trucks AG is signed, and the production of articles for Mercedes Benz trucks is secured.


- Agreement with CAT / MAK in Kiel

- Order from Scania to resume serial production

Jan 2021

Series start Scania

Nov 2021

First new installation in robotic cell

March 2022

Series start Volvo

Nov 2022

New investment in automated production cell with both turning and milling operations

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