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Business policy
Främmestadverken's operations are always based on delivering an overall solution where the customer, staff and owners together build values that benefit all partners. This must be done by delivering the right quality, at the right time, at the right cost with the least possible environmental impact. All our activities must be conducted in a good working environment characterized by openness where everyone is treated equally with respect. Our customers must be able to trust that all work is carried out in accordance with laws and regulations as well as our own high demands on environmental impact. 
  • Främmestadverken must be a responsive, efficient organization with the customer in focus
  • The outsider must strive for the activity to have minimal impact on the environment.
  • Främmestadverken's operations must be imbued with a desire to develop with the goal of constantly improving our work

We have concretized our ambition with customer focus through two quality-specific key figures: 
  • Delivery accuracy
  • Deviations measured in PPM 
Both of these key figures are measured against both customers and key suppliers. 
To secure our production and to be a reliable partner to our customers, we have an emergency plan, which gives us a quick and efficient way of working if any major disruption or accident should occur.
Environmental policy
The foreign works must of course comply with all applicable legal requirements and regulations. In addition to the statutory requirements, sustainability is seen as a central and prioritized area, which results in higher ambition than the minimum requirements that exist. 
Främmestadverken works continuously to reduce environmental impact through the following principles: 
  • Through increased recycling and reuse, we must strive for a circular material flow with minimal environmental impact.
  • We will reduce our ecological footprint through efficient logistics chains with high requirements.
  • We shall strive to have as little environmental impact as possible in a life cycle perspective, which shall be reflected in our investments and purchases.
Within the framework of our business, we have identified and focus on three areas to continuously drive improvements with the aim of becoming a more sustainable company: 
1. Energy consumption – primarily the LPG and electricity used in our production
2. CO2 emissions from freight transport – the shipments of goods (inbound or outbound) for which we are responsible.
3. Environmental impact from subcontractors
In addition to these focus areas, we also have the following detailed environmental goals/key figures: 
  • Our primary environmental impact is our energy consumption in the form of electricity and LPG. Therefore, we monitor our efficiency by monthly monitoring the kWh/kg of goods we have produced with a clear ambition to constantly improve our efficiency and thus the environmental impact per manufactured part.  
  • A large part of the total environmental impact from our products is caused by subcontractors and included materials. We therefore strive to constantly reduce waste by reducing the number of work errors and material errors. Therefore, we measure both work errors and material errors in PPM on a monthly basis.
  • In order to pursue active environmental work and maintain a culture of commitment with a desire to improve, we aim for each department within the company to identify and present at least one energy efficiency proposal per year. 
Work environment policy
All our activities must be conducted in a good working environment and we do not accept any form of bullying or harassment. Our work environment must be characterized by openness and all individuals must be treated equally with respect. 
We strive to create a satisfactory work environment and prevent ill health and accidents by: 
  • Continually work with our work environment by noting and reporting risks. 
  • We must regularly and in case of changes examine and risk assess both our physical and psychosocial work environment. 
  • Work environment work is carried out in collaboration between employers, employees and safety representatives. 
  • We follow up our systematic work environment work annually. 
  • Through systematic fire protection work, we shall minimize the risk of damage to individuals and property. 
To ensure that the staff have the right conditions and feel secure in their work: 
  • Our managers must have the right knowledge, skills, resources and powers to work for a good and safe working environment
  • All employees must receive an introduction and training to be able to work safely and healthily.
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