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CNC machining separately or in combination with surface treatment. Highly efficient contract production with short lead times. With two Mazak CNC lathes with automation, we are flexible and can offer a wide range of CNC turning. We are a company that is  experts in processing castings - complex parts where we custom build fixtures in our own workshop. Främmestadverken has a long experience in CNC turning both for large and small series. 
Examples of products we process;
  • Castings
  • Chassis items, e.g. braces, brackets, cross members
  • Forged items
  • Solid pipes
  • Welded constructions


CNC lathes with automation

  1. CNC-svarv Ø250x300mm          2x Mazak with Gantry Robot)

  2. CNC-svarv Ø600x900mm          1x CNC lathe – Manual loaded

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