Surface treatment

We do EC-Coating and Powder Coating, (incl pre-treatment) in a fully automatic line with ovens and robots, handling parts up to 450kg / piece.


Divided in three steps;

  1. PRE-TREATMENT (12-steps with zinc manganese phosphating)

  2. PRIMER 


  4. POWDER COATING (three different boxes for quick colour change)

Främmestadverken AB

Främmestadsvägen 42

465 97 Nossebro


Opening hours: 06.30 - 16.00

Främmestadverken AB is a workshop with 14 000 m2 offering machining, surface treatment, power coating, ED-coating, assembly, logistics and total quality control through all steps with ISO-certificates for tier 1 supplier for heavy trucks industry. 


010 - 450 75 00