We perform machining of Iron/Steel/Aluminium Casting, forged and welded parts.

Mainly against the Heavy truck Industry and Construction Equipment Industry.


Horizontal Machining Centers;

  1. Machining Centers 500x500   (2x Niigata with 10xPallets changers)

  2. Machining Centers 630x630   (4x OKUMA Twin-Pallet Stand-Alone )

  3. Robot Machining Centers 630x630     (OKUMA Twin-Pallet Stand-Alone )

  4. FMS-Line Machining Centers 630x630     (2x OKUMA MA60HB connected to a FMS Line)

  5. FMS-Line Machining Centers 800x800     (2x MAZAK 8800 Nexus connected to a FMS Line)


CNC Turning Centers;

  1. CNC-Lathes Ø250x300mm             2x Mazak machines with Gantry Robots)

  2. CNC-Lathes Ø600x900mm             1x CNC-Lathe – Manual loaded

Främmestadverken AB

Främmestadsvägen 42

465 97 Nossebro


Opening hours: 06.30 - 16.00

Främmestadverken AB is a workshop with 14 000 m2 offering machining, surface treatment, power coating, ED-coating, assembly, logistics and total quality control through all steps with ISO-certificates for tier 1 supplier for heavy trucks industry. 


010 - 450 75 00