We are still up and running our production, with no needs to stop due to COVID-19. 
If you today have issues to secure supply chains against your customers, we are ready to serve. Due to stop in production at our main customers we have a lot of free capacity in both machining and painting.
For inquires; 
Victor Backman
+46 (0) 10 450 75 00

Which kind of volumes / parts do you need surface treatment of?

We are doing ED-Coating and Powder Coating, (incl pre-treatment) in a fully automatic line with ovens and robots, handling parts up to 450kg / piece.

Divided in three steps;

  1. PRE-TREATMENT (12-steps with zinc manganese phosphating)


  3. POWDER COATING (three different boxes for quick Colour change) 

Which kind of volumes / parts do you need Machining of?

We do machining of Iron/Steel/Aluminium Casting, forged and welded parts.

Mainly against the Heavy truck Industry and Construction Equipment Industry.

We are here to serve you - please get in touch and we will give you an instant response.